Being healthy is one of the most important things to achieve in the world. As an evidence to this notion, we can witness the palindromic course of good eating attitude and other beneficial habits shown by the well-aware people. When such behaviors are not sufficient to help them to stay safe from diseases, people then seek for medication; either prepared in traditional or modern ways. In Indonesia itself, many and more people are enthused to practice the use of traditional medicine. This can be achieved by the application of Indonesian traditional preparation, so-called “jamu”, to classically treat a variety of diseases.

The benefits of traditional medicines has been widely acknowledged in Indonesia despite the lacks of scientific data to describe their potential mechanism of action(s). Therefore, with the advancement of science and technology, there is an urgent need to provide such evidences. Successful effort to conclude this challenging task will surely bring a better future to the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies in Indonesia.

A drug is developed by a team of scientists trained to understand and evaluate the risks and benefits of a new medicine. To discover a drug that promotes health and modifies disease, scientists look for molecules with positive health properties. Typically, thousands of molecule combinations are screened in order to find one product that is safe and effective. Once a drug product is recognized, its characteristics must be determined by chemical and biochemical analysis. Formulas will be made with the drug and given to animals and humans to examine the safety and effectiveness of the product. The product is then evaluated by the responsible agencies, for example Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S., and will gain for its approval if the benefits outweigh the risks and it is safe and effective. This process can take up to 20 years and require some millions of dollars.

With the vast natural resources leading to a potential discovery, Indonesian researchers are urged to find a way to embrace this richness. In current situation of Indonesia, the rise of notable findings in the field of drug discovery produced by Indonesian scientists shall receive their spotlights. To support this, the Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University, is pleased to provide a respectable platform, termed as 3rd Makassar International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Sciences, to broadly share and to discuss the emerging innovations in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, recent discoveries in the development of new drugs from natural resources, and the rational use of pharmaceutical preparations to optimize patient care.